Moore Céilidh, Please

One of the last big events Ruaridh and I had before leaving Scotland was a wedding in Dumbarton & East Kilbride for more of Ruaridh’s friends from uni. Siobhan and Jack have one of those classic stories of meeting as teenagers and marrying each other after over a decade of love.

I was so giddy listening to memories about their early dating days and how Jack moved from Ireland to Scotland for the girl of his dreams.

love a good romantic tale.

Mr. & Mrs. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Moore

that + the Irish (fun fact: Jack studied at the same uni I studied abroad with) + Scottish ceilidh = great wedding

with Ruaridh

with Ruaridh

Although the Scottish weather didn’t hold out for us and it ended up raining, we were all happily covered inside the reception venue. Besides, I don’t know about Scottish culture, but in the States, rain on your wedding day is good luck!

(There must be a lot of lucky wedding days in Scotland)

There was a beautiful Catholic wedding, a hearty dinner reception, and of course my favorite–a brilliant Ceilidh

Ceilidh so hard

Ceilidh so hard

Although Ruaridh and I had a lovely time, it was bittersweet knowing that we wouldn’t be back in Scotland until May at the earliest.

Remind me to suggest a ceilidh for our Burns Supper abroad.

Congratulations and thank you to the Moores for a great Irish-Scottish day!


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