Mario + Mars Bars Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Friday everyone!

This weekend will be quite a busy one for me with a wedding to enjoy, packing, Christmas shopping, and catching up with friends before Ruaridh and I leave Scotland.

Although I’ve been a bit stressed prepping to move, there have been a few things that I’ve really enjoyed stumbling upon this week and a big reminder to appreciate the life I enjoy here in Scotland.

Full Screen Mario

This is a really exciting find, y’all. Good luck being productive in your cubicle. Because you can now play Super Mario Bros. online from your web browser here. Just brilliant.

courtesy of

courtesy of


This week I tried a MARS milk for the first time and oh my goodness. That’s right. A delicious chocolate milk with a hint of caramel based off of the popular candy bar. I didn’t even realize this existed until this week and it was so decadent that I felt guilty drinking it.

But not too guilty.

courtesy of

courtesy of

Bean Boots

If you spend any time browsing women’s fall or winter wear on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve come across these classic duck boots from L.L. Bean. My sweet parents bought me a pair and had them shipped from the States to Scotland and I’ve been making great use of them. They keep my feet nice and dry and are perfect for layering with wool socks if it’s chilly out.

Lovely autumn Sunday in Edinburgh

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The sizing is a bit different and can be confusing, especially if you read all the variations of results from the reviews. I personally normally wear a 6.5 or sometimes a 7 (in US shoe sizes) and have a rather slender foot. In the LL Bean boots, I bought a size 6 Medium width and they fit fine with both thin socks and thicker wool socks as well.

The Battle We Didn’t Choose

This beautiful blog was created by a man who photographed the daily life of his wife, Jennifer after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The photos are intended to humanize the face of cancer and are an emotional depiction of the love and pain shared by this family.

So I do hope everyone has a great weekend and please remember to not hold back in showing the ones you love, how much you really do and to appreciate how simple our lives really are even if we do feel stressed.



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