Don’t Make Me Leave!

In less than 2 weeks I’ll be headed back to Texas for a month. Then after my trip back to God’s country, I’m off to call a new country home. I’ve mentioned my next move casually on the blog before and friends & family know my plans, but I don’t want to give away too much while I’m waiting on a few things to get sorted.

I can already tell I’m going to miss Edinburgh a lot.

I’m a huge fan of haggis. The accents. The history. The festivals. Pubs that have been serving beer for longer than America has been a country.


Edinburgh is a capital city that has a small town feel and it has become my home over the past few months. There’s an endless list of things I’m going to miss about this amazing city.

Not Needing a Car

Okay so it’s not that I didn’t need a car ever in Scotland. We still take the car for our big grocery shop every week and for other shopping trips and for road trips through Scotland, but in an average week I don’t find myself in the car more than once or maybe twice.

The bus system in Edinburgh is more extensive than the one in Houston (and cleaner) and I can walk to Old Town and the Royal Mile in about 20-25 minutes or take the bus a block from my flat and be on Princes Street or George Street in 10 minutes.

Not too shabby and I’ve enjoyed getting a few miles of walking in throughout my day.

Green Space

Although Edinburgh is a finance hub for Scotland and the country’s capital, it’s far from being a concrete jungle. There are no giant highways weaving through the city and you’re never far from a lush park or outdoor space. How many major cities have a centrally located inactive volcano in a royal park just outside?

I love going for runs in new locations, but I’ve become really fond of runs up Arthur’s Seat and through Holyrood Park or the Meadows.


Free Activities

The National Galleries, the National Museums, Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Princes Street Gardens, the Castle Esplanade– these are all sights you can visit in Edinburgh for free (note that entrance into the Castle is not free however).

IMG_1857 IMG_1840

On a rainy day, nothing is better than taking a free stroll through the galleries and on a sunny day, having an ice cream in the Princes Street Gardens.

Never go to the ice cream truck on the Mound. Always go for the S.Luca in the park

Never go to the ice cream truck on the Mound. Always go for the S.Luca in the park

The Beauty

Honestly I discover something new to photograph or explore in this city nearly every day. I’ve had a few people in Edinburgh give me the advice to “look up.” So often we only see what’s near our eye level but when you look up and around in Edinburgh you see the amazing architecture and details on buildings.

The historic plaques that line different city corners and street paths.


Leaves changing at the foot of monuments and mountains rising behind the city skyline.

Every city offers gifts to its residents and visitors and Edinburgh is definitely no exception. There are still a few things I’d like to do before I leave and there are still a million things that I’m probably missing out on.

Greyfriar's Kirk

Greyfriar’s Kirk

But here’s to hoping I’ll be back soon enough.

Any suggestions for last minute Edinburgh must-do/must see activities?

Note that my Macbook SDXC slot is STILL not working 😦


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