Tuesday Blues Day

I apologize now for that cheesy blog post title.

Sidebar: Did you know today is the 216th Anniversary of the first parachute jump? In honor of this event, check out the photos from my skydiving experience in Houston here!



I woke up this morning in a grumpy mood, but since I had the afternoon free & Ruaridh left for Aberdeen for the day, I resisted spending it in bed and made the walk up to the Royal Mile.

Even though I live in Edinburgh now, I still love browsing around the Royal Mile and High Street and taking touristy photos of all the beautiful sites.

Then as I was out and about in Old Town, it turned into a wonderfully sunny day and I thought this was going to be MY DAY!

I took some lovely photos to share with you, had a nice lunch and then grabbed my laptop and treated myself to a coffee and dessert.

Unfortunately, I’m now experiencing some technical difficulties with my camera’s SD card not mounting to my Macbook Pro even after every combination of restarting and updating.

Blah blah blah

Annoying. Especially because this Macbook is only a few months old. Hopefully I don’t end up needing to get my Mac fixed somewhere.

So unfortunately, those pictures will have to wait.

Part of the view from the bedroom at la casa de Pristine+Ruaridh

Part of the view from the bedroom window at la casa de Pristine+Ruaridh

If you need me. I’ll probably be in bed catching up on Downton Abbey Season 4 with a pizza.

Just let it happen.

Anyone have any Macbook troubleshooting tips for this problem? 


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