Expat Q&A & Mull (part III)

Mull part I: What’s the story in Tobermory?
Mull part II & the Digital Detox

Yes that’s right. I have more Mull photos for y’all. Just a few more. As I briefly mentioned before, the weekend we were in Mull was also the weekend of the Mull Rally.

Admittedly, I’ve never seen a rally before nor do I know much about them, but I do know these cars were speeding by on one-lane roads with sharp turns that hovered over cliff sides.

Ghost car?

Ghost car?

Ruaridh managed to capture the great photos below by physically following the direction of the cars with the camera. That way the cars come out somewhat clear while the background is blurred. Neat effect huh?

Well enough about Mull (for now). This month I’m participating in an Expat Q&A that I’ve read on a few other blogs and I hope will give you more insight into my life abroad than just a lot of beautiful photos (but don’t worry I still have a lot more beautiful photos too).

Question #1: How do your family and friends back home perceive your new life, and is it accurate?

From what I can tell, most people think I live on a constant holiday. Jetsetting and frolicking around Scotland without a care in the world. Is it true?

To an extent I guess it is. Sometimes I forget that I’m living a life most people would dream of and have opportunities most Americans will never have. How many people get to quit their jobs and explore a new, amazing country and spend months trying to figure out what they’re really passionate about?

Americans don’t believe in the “gap year” but I wish it was part of American culture.

Having friends and family comment about my photos and experiences is an extra reminder to me to be thankful that I’m able to live such an exciting life! Although I’m not always away on holidays and adventures.



Question #2: Do you find the need to edit your life from friends and family?  

Absolutely. At least for the blog. I share my photos and tidbits from travels on my blog, but I leave out the mundane parts of daily life that I still have. I’m not on a holiday in Edinburgh. I live here.

I do laundry, wash dishes, and spend hours on the couch watching Netflix just like I did back in Houston.

And while Ruaridh and I do a lot of traveling, we put our money towards those travels and not towards a lot of other luxuries.

I’m not out eating at the best restaurants in Edinburgh; I prepare meals (and juice!) at home. I’m not buying a new top or new purse every week; I can list out every thing I have in my wardrobe here in Scotland.

We’re not skint by any means, but we’re also not living like lushes.

Contrary to what I think people at my old work think, Ruaridh is not my sugar daddy.

Ruaridh in Mull

Ruaridh in Mull


So while I am living an incredible life here in Edinburgh (and haven’t been homesick yet!), there are definitely still daily parts of life that I leave out and would leave out even if I was living in Houston. Because some things are personal and/or boring and/or inappropriate.

Although if  you do want that, you could probably just read my twitter.

Where's Sandy?

Where’s Sandy?

Tomorrow I have photos of what I promise will be the best sunset you’ve ever seen. Yes I know…bold statement. But y’all that’s how spectacular this sunset really was so please check back tomorrow.

Do you find that you hold back or edit your life on your blog/Twitter/Facebook?

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9 responses to “Expat Q&A & Mull (part III)

    • Thanks! Living in the UK hasn’t been as much of an adjustment as I thought it might be, although I’m sure moving to a country where you don’t speak the language fluently would be much more difficult

  1. It’s funny, as a full time teacher in South Korea it used to bug me to no end when my Stateside family imagined that my life was all about “travelling the world and enjoying myself” as one aunt put it. It took them a long time to realize that my life was more like theirs than they realized: rent, bills, an apartment to clean, etc. I’m having fun, but it’s not some kind of permanent vacation from the real world. Glad to hear you’re having fun there. Good luck!

    • Absolutely! There are still the same normal stresses you would have even if you were living in the states.

      Teaching in South Korea does make for a unique experience though & a great location to base yourself from for some travels in Asia!

      • I have to agree. Korea is certainly unique, and has been interesting in its own right. Travel from here is a bit challenging though – we’re on the very edge of Asia, with only one border to the mainland sealed shut, making it for all intents and purposes an island. The only way out is by air or sea, so you get to choose between ridiculously expensive or slow and nausea-inducing. Despite that, it’s still a good base if the Far East is your thing. For Southeast or Central Asia, its somewhat less than ideal.

  2. It’s funny the life people think you lead when you actually move abroad. It’s more challenging than people think, and my family and friends think I’m just living the life of luxury. Not true. I carefully think out purchases over £20, and we save for travels and adventures and do a lot of free things. Life is what you make it no matter where you are based, and people forget that when they see you having fun overseas.

    • Exactly! I’m much more careful with my money now than when I was working in TX.

      Now that I have my blog, I’m looking forward to my non US readers seeing what life “abroad” is like when I head to Texas for Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

      Even though it might not seem as exciting to me as being in Scotland, I guess it’s all about perspective!

  3. “there are definitely still daily parts of life that I leave out and would leave out even if I was living in Houston. Because some things are personal and/or boring and/or inappropriate. Although if you do want that, you could probably just read my twitter.”
    Oh so true over here too!

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