Throwback Thursday- Boracay, Philippines

Coming back from holiday in Nice has really given me the travel bug again. Although to many, it may seem like I’m on a perpetual vacation, Edinburgh feels more like my home now rather than a vacation spot.

Ruaridh and I have been dreaming about going to Asia for our next big holiday (whenever that might be).  I was born in the Philippines, but moved to Texas when I was very young. I’ve been back to visit since and I’ve also been to Hong Kong before but I  would love to go again and to also visit some new countries.

the plane to Boracay felt like a tin can

that plane was like flying in a tin can

Thailand? Japan? Mongolia?

(Ruaridh really wants to go to Mongolia for no specific reason and without explanation)

The last time I went to the Philippines was in summer 2008 after I graduated high school.The highlight for me was definitely my family’s trip to the beaches of Boracay.


Fresh mango juice, snorkeling in clear waters, and getting massages on a powdery beach. What more could you ask for?

with Gabby

with Gabby

That was the last big vacation my family took together and after reading this sweet story about a mother traveling with her son and it does make me miss family vacations a little bit. Although ours were often a lot less sentimental and sweet than that mother’s trips.

Like that time I threw a penny really hard and from really close proximity at my mom’s head whilst in Venice and she was right mad at my sister, Gabby for me doing it. My bad.

But it still would be nice to go on a trip now that we’re all older although who knows the next time we’ll be able to.

Boracay 2008

the family in Boracay 2008

For now I guess saving, dreaming, and making my own mango juice will just have to do.

Have you traveled to Asia? What was your favorite family vacation?


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