Sunday G&Tea

Last August when Hendrick’s Gin was in town for the festival, I attended a few gin events at Bon Vivant’s Companion. While I was never much of a gin drinker before, the Hendrick’s tastings sure changed that.

So when I saw an ItIsOn deal (think Groupon-esque) online for a gin tasting for 2 at 56 North, I was sure to scoop it up.

8 gins. 4 tonic waters (and 1 ginger ale). Cakes. Canapes.

my setup

my setup

Now that is the way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

For our gin selection we had (in no particular order) Hendrick’s, Tanqueray, Portobello Road, Chase Extra Dry, No.3 London Dry Gin, Sloane’s, Whitley Neill, & Bombay Sapphire.

gin on gin on gin

gin on gin on gin

And for our mixers we had a Schweppe’s ginger ale, the ever popular Schweppes tonic water, Fentiman’s tonic water & light tonic water, and Fever Tree tonic.

tonic selection

tonic selection

Our host at 56 North led us gin by gin through each spirit’s background and gave us a bit of insight into the specific botanicals in each gin sample.

the fragrant botanicals they use for Tanqueray

Can you guess the fragrant botanicals used for Tanqueray?



I tried each gin neat and then with a tonic water. For the first few gins I used the tonic recommended by our host, but by the end I decided I really just preferred the Fever Tree tonic water best.

After the first 4 gins, the group took a short intermission and a delectable tower of pastries and sandwiches was brought out to each table.

2013-10-06 16.01.41

With tea on the table, we finished tasting the remaining 4 gins and discussed our favorites.

I was a big fan of the Tanqueray & of the No.3, but I still think my favorite has to be…


I do enjoy Edinburgh Gin (which we didn’t have at the tasting) and the nice lady next to me recommended I try Tanqueray No.10, but yes, friends, the gin that had changed my mind about the g&t, won my heart despite the competition.

Ruaridh and I had a great afternoon at 56 North and the women next to us were raving about how they’d do the tasting again. With about 6 sandwiches, profiteroles, mini éclairs, & macarons in my tummy I happily agreed.

2013-10-06 15.47.06

I sneaked a peek at the restaurant’s dining menu & spotted a few things I want to try & some lunch & dinner deals, so Ruaridh & I just might be back.

Are you a fan of gin? What’s your go-to gin & tonic?

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3 responses to “Sunday G&Tea

  1. This sounds fun!! There has got to be a gin tasting just like this somewhere in London. There just has to be! I rarely drink gin so I could use a little insight 🙂

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