Tango in the Night

When I was 12, I went to my first live concert to see Britney Spears on her Dream Within a Dream Tour with my older sister, Gabby, and my cousin, Joe. I remember being so excited to see Britney and to be going to out at night in the city (at 12 most of my trips into Houston were to the Galleria with my mom okay…) without my parents.

I still love Britney

I still love Britney- photo credit: fotolog.com/aboutbrit/71999755

To be honest I can hardly remember much of the concert now but I do remember that I got a white tour t-shirt that had a black print of Britney on the front and that I wore that shirt until it basically fell apart.

Also looking back, it wasn’t really that big of a deal to be going into Houston without my parents since Gabby was 18 and Joe was 20.

In my mind we were all basically 12.

Since then I’ve gone to a number of concerts from Josh Abbott Band and Alan Jackson to KISS and Ice Cube.

Our new favorite tees

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Oh and did I mention I met Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran last year?!

with Ed Sheeran

with Ed Sheeran

with Taylor Swift

with Taylor Swift

Although the priciest concert tickets I’ve had yet were a splurge purchase from Ruaridh a few weeks ago to see Fleetwood Mac. Since we had to buy tickets for the sold-out show from an online marketplace, the markup for these tickets was obscene.

You don’t even want to know.

PS. we paid more than 60GBP for each ticket

PS. we paid more than 60GBP for each ticket

But Ruaridh said Fleetwood Mac was on his ‘Top 5 Concerts’ to see in life so obscene markup or not, we bought tickets. Although also on his list was Prince.

Just putting that out there.

pre concert excitement

pre concert excitement

There was quite a diverse crowd. Around us were genuine fans that looked anywhere from their teens to their late 60s. Now that’s how you know a band is good, y’all.

The night before the concert, Ruaridh and I had watched the old BBC Documentary on the band and it really made me appreciate their music and the performance a lot more after knowing more of the band’s history, drama, love affairs.

Unlike when I watched the The Carter Documentary and it kind of just made me scared of Lil Wayne.

In a good way. Sort of…

I think everyone left the concert (after two encores), impressed and giddy. You might not be able to tell from the videos, but the crowd was going crazy during a lot of the songs. Especially “Go Your Own Way.”

It was a genuinely entertaining concert without any auto-tuning or gimmicks. Although Stevie Nicks did twirl around in a different scarf for nearly every song and tell strange stories about birds and dream catchers.

In a good way. Sort of…

2013-10-03 20.01.07 HDR

Do you remember your first concert? What performances are you waiting to hear live?


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