Au Revoir, Nice!

After a few hours on the beach the day after the triathlon, Ruaridh & I borrowed our generous friend & host, Rame’s, scooter for a ride up Col d’Eze and along the Côte d’Azur. Nice is beautiful, but it can be a bit touristy, so it’s amazing when you get the opportunity to explore outside of the city.


off we go!

Because Ruaridh used to live in Nice and had his own scooter, he was familiar with a lot of what we were seeing, but when I visited Nice in June 2012, I was scooter-less and spent most of my time sprawled out on the beach with rose and pizza (as you do). I loved being able to let Ruaridh navigate us along the coast and to have an afternoon just the two of us.

View of Nice

View of Nice

One thing that really surprised me on our ride, was how accustomed I am to driving on the left side of the road. There were a few turns on the scooter where I instinctively thought we were on the “wrong” side of the road when we were correctly on the right side.

I drove for over 8 years on the right side of the road in the US and have only been cycling and driving on the left side of the road in the UK for about 2 months! It really is easy to drive on either side of the road I suppose. But driving a manual is another story (AKA I can’t at all).

Luckily Ruaridh can switch between driving on the left or right without a second thought. What a man.

Near the end of our ride, Ruaridh drove us to the beach in Villefranche for ice cream just like we had nearly 16 months before.

Who says Scotsmen are all brute and no romance?

The scooter ride marked the end of our last evening in Nice and the following afternoon we were on our way back to Edinburgh.

I couldn’t be more thankful to have been able to enjoy Nice for a second time and to support Ruaridh in his triathlon. I definitely think he should do another!

Maybe in Barcelona? Or Croatia?

It’s painful being this supportive, honestly. Such sacrifice. Such dedication.


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