“This could be the last sun we see for months”

Ruaridh, David, Rachel and I were laying out on the beach, reading, relaxing and soaking up the sun when I leaned over to Ruaridh and told him the above realization.

Buzzkill. Woops.

It might have been a bit of an exaggeration since I think I saw the sun for a few minutes this morning here in Edinburgh and I know there will be sunshine in the Alps, but my holiday in Nice could very well be the last warm sunbathing I’m able to have for months. So I hope this tan lasts me till next summer…

On the other hand, back in Houston, there are still highs of 90F/32C. I bet my friends there are so tan.

Really tan.

And happy.

So tan and happy.

Ok so there are still lots of happy people in Scotland but there’s something about just being in the bright warmth of the sun that can instantly make a difference to your mood isn’t there? I didn’t realize how much I missed that until I was in Nice.

Although I don’t miss spontaneously bursting into sweat like every time I stepped outdoors in Houston. So I guess you can’t have it all (unless you live in California I think…damn you, California weather).

Again, despite the weather reports, there was a lot of beautiful sunny weather in Nice to enjoy. Oh and lots of pizza, pasta, and bread. Loaves and loaves of bread.

What do you prefer? Hot sunny summer or the cool fall weather? 


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