Throwback Thursday- Brussels

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Tomorrow Ruaridh and I are off to Nice!

We have a connecting flight through Brussels Airport which Ruaridh said is quite nice. Ruaridh has been to Brussels before on a tour with his rugby team in uni and although I’ve been to Brussels before too, I flew into the Charleroi Airport since I flew with the always lovely Ryan Air.

Le Grande-Place

Le Grande-Place

While I was studying in Dublin in 2011, we had a long weekend free and 6 of us booked cheap flights to visit Brussels and Bruges. The trip had a rough start with one of us almost getting left behind at Charleroi because the bus driver taking everyone into the city refused to let on any more passengers (except for the French speaking passengers, somehow they were let on still…) even after a kind Frenchman took pity on us and spoke to the bus driver.

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis- (and what the mean bus driver deserved to have done to him)

Then once we arrived in the city, we were so lost trying to find our hotel. In our idiocy, we had limited access to checking the location on the web and no printed out map of the hotel. Our hotel did end up being right by the Brussels red light district and had a few uhh working women on the street outside, but they were all really nice to us! 

And none of us came close to being Taken.

After we were settled in it was time for endless pommes frites, beer, chocolate and waffles. To be honest, the bulk of what I remember from Brussels is gorging on lots of chocolate the entire weekend aka heaven. 


I loved Belgium and hope to go back again for a longer visit. But this post just gave me a bit of anxiety remembering how not knowing French can be pretty stressful in some situations and so I better head off to do a bit of reviewing (rote memorization).

Au revoir!


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