Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s officially fall and the weather in Scotland is definitely turning. From what I saw on Facebook and Twitter, parts of Texas are starting to get their own version of fall weather too.

I heard October in Scotland is particularly rainy. Can someone confirm this? If it’s true, I imagine every day is a lot like the weather today. Constant drizzling and wind blowing would normally keep me inside the house in Texas, but I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to actually wear my fall wardrobe.

photo 1My latest package delivered to the flat? These LL Bean, Bean Boots that were a gift from my sweet parents! Perfect for rainy Scotland and for an upcoming winter in the Alps!

I wore these yesterday after the drizzle finally stopped and I was out in about in the wet yard of some friends. Ruaridh and I are very lucky to have lovely neighbors/friends who live just a few blocks away and have a gorgeous home with a sprawling backyard full of fruit trees.

Yesterday their kids and I went out into the yard to pick pears, apples, and plums. We picked pound after pound and there were still loads left in the trees after we stopped for the day.

cooking apples and pears

cooking apples and pears

beautiful fresh plums

beautiful fresh plums

Since the family graciously gave me bunches of fruit to take home, I knew I needed to make use of the incredible, fresh produce before Ruaridh and I left for Nice.

A few extra ingredients, and lots of chopping and peeling later and all the fruit was cooked!

freshly ground cinnamon thanks to this random buy from the Foodies Festival last month

freshly ground cinnamon thanks to this random buy from the Foodies Festival last month

The result? This yummy plum and pear oatmeal bake and an even yummier plum pear butter (What is fruit butter?).


The oatmeal bake is perfect for breakfast since Ruaridh and I usually have a smoothie and then Weetabix or porridge with fruit.

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This was my first time making fruit butter and I really only did it because I didn’t feel like buying pectin to make jam.

It was quite easy and while I browsed a few Pinterest links to get the gist of it, I didn’t use a specific recipe to make mine.

But oh my goodness, it turned out to be scrumptious.

I’ll probably be spreading it on bread, adding a dollop to my oatmeal bake and whatever else I can think of.

Have you ever tried making fruit butter? What are your favorite ways to use fruit in your cooking and baking?


2 responses to “Happy Fall Y’all!

  1. I only spent one fall in Scotland (Aberdeen), and it was grey and windy most of the time. The haar is the enemy (but that’s probably more of an Aberdeen thing) and there are those funky bouncing snow balls all winter long. Oh.So.Not.Fun. If it makes you feel any better, most of Europe is grey all October and November.

    • Oh yiiiikes. I just looked up pictures of the haar fog– looks eerie!

      I’m headed back to Texas for a bit in November. I reckon it’ll feel like summer coming from Scotland.

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