Why Does Snoop Dogg Need an Umbrella?

Fo drizzle.

Or should the title be ‘Snoop Lion‘ now? I can’t keep up!

Well it’s a rainy Thursday in Edinburgh. Back when I was at A&M, I struggled to get myself to class if it was raining at all. But just like when I was studying in Ireland, a rainy day in Scotland is far from rare so I can’t keep myself cooped up indoors.


You really do get acclimated to the weather. The other day I was walking outside for a good 20 minutes in just my running shorts and a rain jacket in 50 degrees F and hardly noticed. What a champ.

That may not be impressive to non-Texans, but just let me have this okay?

Now don’t go thinking that every day in Edinburgh is cold and rainy (although I’ve heard rumors about October weather…). There are still plenty of beautiful, sunny days here that you don’t get in Texas (i.e. you don’t burst into flames the second you leave your air conditioned home and/or car).  And even with some clouds, the city is still an impressive view.

See for yourself.






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