Wedding FOMO

Have you heard of FOMO? Aka Fear Of Missing Out. It’s something I rarely felt when I was living in Texas, but have felt quite a bit since I’ve been in Scotland.

While I know I’m lucky to be abroad and enjoying experiences most people could only dream of, there are still times when I wish I was back Stateside. Particularly– the Texas A&M v Alabama game last weekend, Ellen & Byron’s wedding next month and my cousin Mike’s wedding this weekend.

The last time I saw Mike and his bride-to-be, Marie, was for my sister, Gabby‘s wedding in October 2011. I’d love to be able to celebrate with them and see family members that I haven’t seen in years. I’ll be counting on my mom to take lots of photos in my place!

Cousins at Gabby & Tim's rehearsal dinner- L-R: Me, Mike, Marie, Pepe, Jessika

Cousins at Gabby & Tim’s rehearsal dinner- L-R: Me, Mike, Marie, Pepe, Jessika

Ironically, the last time I saw Mike & Marie, I also caught the bridal bouquet…and Jessika and Marie below both got engaged within the year. These bouquet tosses are so deceptive!

My bouquet catching efforts continue unrecognized

My bouquet catching winnings continue to go unrecognized

So far my strategy for FOMO has been a few minutes of self pity followed by a few extra chocolate chip cookies before suppressing any and all feelings of FOMO. Not sure if that’s the healthiest approach, but I just really love those cookies.

Coincidentally, for Gabby’s wedding I wore the same blue dress that I wore to our friends, Suzanne and Arnaud’s wedding last month. But this time, with a lovely hat instead of cowboy boots.

Gabby and Tim's wedding in Oct 2011

Gabby and Tim’s wedding in Oct 2011

Suzanne and Arnaud's wedding in August 2013

Suzanne and Arnaud’s wedding in August 2013

So while I’m off to grab another pack of those cookies and browse through family pictures, enjoy the photos below from Suzanne and Arnaud’s beautiful Scottish & French wedding and congratulations and lots of love to Mike & Marie and Suzanne & Arnaud!


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