Triathlon Training

In just over two weeks, Ruaridh and I will be flying to Nice for the Triathlon de Nice! This is my first triathlon and I’m thrilled. I’m especially excited because I’m not even competing in it. Nope. Ruaridh is the one who is entered in the race, but I’ll be there as support and an unofficial photographer.

Nice is where Ruaridh and I first met in the summer of 2012, so it’s sure to be a lovely long weekend away. But before the trip and the big race, Ruaridh has lots more training ahead.


Located in the south of Edinburgh in the Pentland Hills, Threipmuir Reservoir is a beautiful spot frequented by triathlon teams, fishermen, and nature lovers alike. This time I joined Ruaridh for the drive down just before sunset so he could get an open water swim in and I could snap some pictures.


It was a beautiful night and although you can’t tell in the photos, it was freezing. Earlier that day it had been warm so I was in shorts and a t-shirt. But as the sun set and the wind picked up, I was shivering while I walked around the park despite having two jumpers on.

Can you imagine what the water must have felt like? Yikes.


Loch Ness monster? Nope, just a Scotsman

Loch Ness monster? Nope, just a Scotsman

Although my last race was a half marathon over 2 years ago, Ruaridh and I are thinking about doing a 10k together. A distance we can both already run, but nothing too crazy. Last time I visited my orthopedist because of my scoliosis he told me that my x-rays showed I had the spine of a 30 year old (I was 21), so I’ve avoided running long distances per his recommendation.

What I haven’t done is listen to his top recommendation to take up swimming instead. The last time I jumped into a pool for a swimming workout was about a year ago when I realized how not in ‘swimming-shape’ I am.

Any tips for 10k races in Scotland or on taking up swimming for fitness?


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