Edinburgh Festivals

Oh my. This post is way overdue. The Edinburgh Festival officially ended last Sunday and I’ve spent the last month on a festival high (aka not posting a single thing about it).

Y’all, Ruaridh and I were loving the festivities. We went to loads of shows and activities without paying too much attention to budgeting for the month. Woops. But aside from having an amazing time, we figured, who knows the next time we’ll be in Edinburgh for the festival season. I know I’d love to come back and live in Edinburgh again, but there’s no way of telling if I’ll ever have the opportunity to.

For those who aren’t familiar, during August in Edinburgh there are several festivals being held. Among them– International Book Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, and of course, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. Hundreds of comedy, theatre, music, and dance shows being performed every day. On top of that, hundreds of unofficial Fringe performers put on shows in various venues around the city while dozens of street performers bring out their best acts.

Food trucks galore

Food trucks galore

The city was absolutely mobbed with tourists for the festivals, but there was great energy when out and about and I loved all the tents and bars set up and extra events happening.

The highlights for me were definitely the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Felicity Ward’s comedy act, Hendrick’s Gin Fringe at  The Bon Vivant’s Companion and seeing Vince Gilligan being interviewed by Charlie Brooker.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Shoutout to Mrs. Wightman for gifting Ruaridh’s brother Campbell, Campbell’s girlfriend Helena, Ruaridh & I tickets for this completely sold out show.

Felicity Ward

Ruaridh and I saw a number of comedy shows at the Fringe, but we agreed this was our favorite. If you haven’t heard of Felicity Ward watch this video for a preview. At one point I looked over and Ruaridh was literally in tears laughing watching her rap for ages on the I Am T-Pain app while she waited for someone to finally volunteer for part of the act. Could not recommend more.

Hendrick’s Gin Fringe @ The Bon Vivant’s Companion

I’ll admit I didn’t used to be the biggest fan of gin, but now I’m realizing I’m just not a fan of crappy well gin at the bars. Completely understandable, right? Now a quality, Scottish gin? That I can certainly enjoy. Hendrick’s Gin hosted several themed tastings and I gained a new appreciation for Mother’s Ruin.

gin on gin on gin

gin on gin on gin

Vince Gilligan & Charlie Brooker

As luck should have it, Ruaridh and I were able to get into the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival to see Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad  being interviewed by Charlie Brooker. As a fan of the show, it was interesting to hear more about the background and motivation for the characters and production and to learn more about the television industry.

Remaining List of Shows (starting with my favorite)
1. David O’Doherty
2. Tom Thum & Jamie MacDowell
3. Andrew Maxwell
4. Paulmooners
5. Fast Fringe
6. Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
7. AAA Comedy- Late Night

photo 1

Is it bad that listing that all out kind of makes me miss the festivals already? But just a tiny bit.

It’s nice to see how Edinburgh has changed since the festivals ended (i.e. you can finally walk down the Royal Mile without feeling like you’re in a mosh pit) and there have been lots of happenings since then that I will catch you up on soon!



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