Arthur’s Seat

Here in Edinburgh, I’m lucky to live just a 5-10 minute walk from Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano and the main peak of hills in Holyrood Park. The park and trails winding around and up the hills are a perfect spot for joggers, cyclists, and tourists looking for the best views of the city.


How amazing it is to have such a legendary and impressive natural attraction right in the capital of Scotland. No concrete jungle for us here.

This week Ruaridh and I made the hike up to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Ruaridh guided (tricked) me on a less travelled (fenced off) route for a 15-20 minute walk (climb) to the top. It was actually an easy climb despite how intimidating Arthur’s Seat can look from the base.

We made it to the top just before sunset and despite the cloudy evening, snapped a few photos to share with you.




7 responses to “Arthur’s Seat

  1. I was just in Edinburgh about a month and a half ago but I was too intimidated to try and climb Arthur’s Seat. Instead I went up to Canton Hill and was rewarded with some great photos (come check them out on my blog if you have a chance). Thanks for letting me see what I missed.

    • Wow! Beautiful photos & blog posts. Very helpful & motivational as I’m just getting into photography myself.

      Definitely head up Arthur’s Seat if you come back to Edinburgh. It looks more intimidating & difficult than it actually is!

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