An Old Man & the Old Course

For Ruaridh’s 29th birthday we drove up to St. Andrews to celebrate with Ruaridh’s sister, mum, nieces and nephew. And yes I’m well aware that being 29 doesn’t really make Ruaridh an old man yet.


We met at the Aggie owned Dunvegan Hotel for lunch. I was so happy to see all the A&M, Texas and golf memorabilia inside (see the pic from my Instagram here).

I even had a few people crack longhorn jokes to me at the bar when they saw me snapping pictures. Longhorn jokes. In Scottish accents. Thousands of miles from Texas. Amazing!

2013-07-29 14.13.24

After lunch we walked past The Old Course and along the coastline before a quick trip to the aquarium for the kids.

We also made a detour through the St. Andrews campus which made me almost want to go for a Masters degree just to study at a gorgeous, historic university.


Even though it was quick, the day trip to St. Andrews made me eager to travel more in Scotland while I’m here! Any suggestions for road trip spots are welcome. Bonus points if there are Highland games being held.


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