Spoiler: I caught the bouquet

Last weekend Ruaridh and I headed south to Ayr for the wedding of Kirsten and Dave, two of Ruaridh’s close friends from uni.

I had already met some of the friends who would be at the wedding when I was in Scotland last fall so after picking up a few things for Ruaridh’s kilt and a fascinator for myself, I was ridiculously excited for my first Scottish wedding.

Kirsten & Dave's wedding - 27-07-2013 (25)

Overall I think the wedding was pretty similar to a typical American wedding– minus the attire and the bagpipes and the ceilidh.

2758083_1375297707 2733178_1375297926

I’ll admit I didn’t watch this video completely through, but I’m assuming it sums the ceilidh up for y’all.

Lucky for me, I have a dance background and dabbled in a good amount of Aggie Wranglers classes back in the day so I caught on immediately. And by that I mean after a few glasses of wine I tried to pay attention to the band since they gave out detailed instructions and a short tutorial before each dance. Regardless, I was a natural.

2013-07-27 16.39.07

Can’t be sure what the future holds for me, but I’d love to have a ceilidh at my wedding one day. They’re a BLAST.

Speaking of creating-a-wedding-pinterest-when-you’re-not-engaged craziness, I absolutely went for catching the bouquet at the wedding reception. And I absolutely caught it.


In my mind, it floated right to my skinny Asian hands…but who really knows? (Hint: everyone there)

Ruaridh hated the attention, BUT at least I don’t have a wedding pinterest and I’m not even engaged, AM I RIGHT?!

We’re going to another wedding at the end of August so until then, I’ll be hat shopping, stretching for the next bouquet toss and STILL unpacking.


PS. I grabbed some of the above photos from the WedPics page Kirsten and Dave set up. Anyone with weddings coming up, I highly recommend.


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