Goodbye, Houston!

Hi all! I’m currently in our new apartment in Edinburgh, but still swamped with cleaning, unpacking and getting settled in.

More updates on Scotland coming soon, but until then here’s a few more photos from skydiving over Houston before Ruaridh and I took an even bigger leap moving overseas together.

I tried to keep the skydiving trip as much of a surprise as possible since it was an early birthday gift to Ruaridh, but my map app ruined it almost immediately when it announced we were “Navigating to Skydive Spaceland

Regardless, we both loved it. The staff and instructors make you feel extremely safe and relaxed during the whole process. I got a bit nauseas at the end after my instructor, Brayden, and I were already floating in our parachute, but I managed to not vomit on him.

He said once someone threw up during the free fall and it flew back into his mouth! So if I had to vomit all over Brayden, I totally would have felt comfortable doing so because at least it wouldn’t have gone into his mouth. Just maybe on his leg or something.

Kudos, Skydive Spaceland, kudos.

Enjoy the lovely and vomit free photos below!


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